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I didn't wake up in time to let the menagerie out. I got woken up, in fact, about five minutes before the taxi arrived which meant that I didn't have time for anything I had planned or to collect all of my stuff. I was annoyed at the time but meh, I suppose it just means I'll have to stop over tomorrow night so that I can pick up whatever I left behind...
My room's as messy as it was when I last slept in it, which was quite a while ago. I really need to sift through the piles and find all the clothes I want washing for Reading. Speaking of Reading, the wonderful splendiferous whambo did my hair for me today, and I'm now fully ready for a showerless five days.
There ya go!
I'm quite aware that I look a bit rough at the minute (it's been a long day), so I refuse to even try for a decent full-face shot. Look at the hair, the hair! It has purple glittery bits in, and turquoise bits in, and pink bits in - and I like it.
This morning I picked up a beautiful hardback copy of Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher and other stories, which I'm enjoying immensely. Stamford's charity shops have been providing me with books to read on my buses home ever since I finished Choke, which was sometime recently. I've lost track of all the days.
I've got to be at work in eight and a half hours and right after that I'm going to see Hundred Reasons at the Leicester Charlotte, so... bed!
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